Traveler Assistance Modality

When checking in, we ask you what you would like to do during your stay in Corrientes. According to your interests, we help you trace an itinerary so that you optimize your time in the city and can achieve your goals, whether exlploring or relaxing.

Use this instance where we personalize the attention. You’ll have selfguide material available to you after this.

Although whenever you need a guide, you’ll be able to get assistance, we expect that after showing you all the resources you have and after studying the information we provide you with, you’ll be able to organize your activities yourself.

Every Wednesday we update the cultural agenda with different activities and events that arte held in the city. By checking it on the board, you’ll be informed and will be able to choose from different options.

Don’t forget to request your backpacker map from the hostel where you’ll have basic information to start your tour around the city by foot and find everything you need.