Bienvenida Golondrina was the city’s first hostel, opened november 6th, 2009, introducing this well known format of international hosting into our region.

There was a need for a space with this characteristics, one that would invite both argentine and international “swallow travelers”, to discover Corrientes, as a tourist and emerging cultural destination, becoming a part of the so-called “argentine north route”: Salta-Corrientes-Iguazú.


We are a cultural communal hostel, open to intercultural encounters with our swallow travelers and our local friends who visit us when our Culture Hall “Violeta Parra” opens its doors to alternative events organized by the Hostel. We developed the concept of “Sustainable Cultural Tourism”, promoting and spreading the most relevant socio-cultural and ecological aspects of our province and its surroundings.

We accompany our travelers through the making of “Roadmaps”, adapting them to their touristic interests, and with our weekly “Cultural Agendas”, where they’ll find up-to-date cultural events in Corrientes and Resistencia.

Philosophy: Nice Life / Slow travel

We believe that it’s the people we meet what makes a trip transcendent. Nice life – Slow travel, is an invitation to forget about time and hectic planned itineraries and just let ourselves be taken by our own wings. It’s an invitation to engage in dialogue with people around us and to be encouraged to discover other skies… Nice life /slow travel revalidates the exchanging of experiences with people from different countries and cultures. This vision over life and traveling is what makes our offer different in the city, turning us into a unique space for these kind of encounters.