Swallow Travelers

The swallow travelers are people who venture into independent traveling, by tracing tracks that are alternative to traditional tourism. Whether they’re on a business trip or just taking some time off, for those who practice this philosophy, the places they select for their rest are key to the success of the trip, and these must offer the possibility to:

Share and Exchange experiences with other people (achieved when shared spaces are available, where people can meet and engage in dialogue).

Access cultural and ecological exploration of the places they’re visiting (this happens if updated information is received and the personalized network suggested by staff works).

Exercise the communal values in coexistence (achieved when the “Fair Coexistence Guidelines” are applied).

Learn how to know oneself (possible when the environment is peaceful and relaxed).

Be safe both inside and outside and have an optimal location (so that everything can be done by walking, minimizing long distances).

Receive friendly and personalized service (together with experience and daily commitment of staff).

Inhabit friendly warm spaces where cleanliness and tidiness are highly important (achieved by a present staff 24/7).

Rest (comfort in bed and peacefulness in the environment).

Save on accomodation, turning expenses in investments (this is real when costs go down by sharing spaces and not loosing service quality)