The grand communal nest

This old and elegant 1911 house adds distinction and structural warmth to the hostel, becoming a touristic landmark itself.

The Resoagli House (named after who had it built, Don Edmundo Resoagli, Vice-Governor of the province), has been harmoniously restored and is now preserved as an architectural heritage in the heart of the city’s historical centre.

The centennial painting of the main hall with its swallows in circular flight, has been the inspiration for the particular name of our hostel and a friendly wink from the house to the new Project now inhabiting it.

The shared spaces

The communal kitchen, the lounges, bathrooms, rooms and open-air patios, are large and comfortable. They’re decorated in rustic style with recycled furniture and objects that contrast with a contemporary palette of lively colors both in exteriors and doorways.

The communal kitchen is the heart of the Hostel. Intercultural exchange begins right there, sharing culinary secrets of different countries.

The NEST Hall is an environment equipped with bar-style tables, old thonet chairs and comfortable sofas. You could have breakfast and lunch here, talking with guests or comfortably using your notebook.

The Golondrina Hall is the space meant for recreation, you could watch movies, read a good book, use the boardgame table and share some good moments with interesting people.

Both open-aire patios, the Waving Patio and the Silent Patio, invite to sit down and share delicious mates, accompanied by guitars or even poetry.

“The Altars” terrace has been completely intervened by three wall paintings done by regional artists and swallow travelers who wanted to tell us their story with brushes. The Altars offer a nice space for those who wish to rest and sunbathe or treat themselves to a great river fish in the grill at night.

And to end the day, you can ride a “fly with me”. These are the ideal transportation to go through the riverside in a sunset.