You’re about to enter to a Communal Hostel, where you’ll be an active participant not just of your own well-being, but of the well being of all the swallows inhabiting at the same time in the same place.

According to what kind of trip you’re on, you’ll get to experience your time in the hostel as a “passing-by swallow”, by optimizing your resting time, or as a “flying swallow”, open to Exchange, dialogue and mutual respect.

Services include

Continental breakfast.

Air-conditioned/heated dorms

Internet & Wi-Fi.

Comfortable beds (1mx2m)

drawers and locks.

“La Cardeuse” box-spring mattresses (25cm)

Communal Kitchen – Laundry Area

Terrace and Grill – Correntinean open-air patios

Library – Videoteque – Boardgames.

Depósito de equipaje sin cargo.

Cochera fija
(consultar disponibilidad)

Surveillance cameras 24hs

Cultural and Touristic Information Services

Weekly Cultural Agenda

Backpacker map – Roadmap

Fly with me bycicles
(consultar disponibilidad)

Emergency Assistance Service

Servicio de portería las 24hs.