Our skies

The atmosphere at the Hostel

During resting time, you will find relaxed quiet spaces all year round. This is due to the type of travelers visiting us and to the fact that we all respect the Fair Coexistence Guidelines.

Although the hostel is a dynamic place, we always privilege harmony and warmth in a relaxed environment.

If you’re here in springtime (late september-october), during some of the nights the quiet beat of the hostel will most likely be altered by the cultural gatherings that the Violeta Parra Hall organizes, where both locals and travelers are welcomed to participate.

If you’re here in summertime (december-february), get ready to enjoy the international Chamame Festival, our local folk music; and the fun Correntinean Carnivals. The city’s beaches and the lagoons surrounding us will cool down the heated siestas.

Be aware that…

We’re not a party Hostel, nor do we offer entertainment services indoors. If you’re looking for this kind of accommodation, Bienvenida Golondrina Hostel will not be the right choice for you.

Shared spaces can only be used until a set time at night.

Indoors, you’ll be able to read a book from our own Library Don Edmundo, prepare a tasty dinner, watch a movie, play the guitar, use the boardgame table or study at the shared study table. There are schedules so that everyone can enjoy all spaces, moments when it’s more quiet and others when it’s more lively.
Outdoors, you could continue partying and fully enjoying the night in Corrientes, we’ll advise on where to go and what to do.

Profile of the travelers who visit us

The Bienvenida Golondrina Hostel was created to host travelers of the world in this city, travelers from the arts, the music and college life willing to meet, to share and rest.

There’s a singularity that characterizes us ever since we opened our doors, which is the fact that we’re an age-less hostel. Although most of our guests are aged 25-35 years-old, we welcome travelers of all ages who live and enjoy their stay fraternally.

Open to diversity, we also like to think of ourselves as a little world with no boundaries, geographical limits or cultural barriers.