Along with springtime 2009, I began this adventure not knowing exactly where it would take me.. I was certain I had left my old hectic life of 12 years in the city of Buenos Aires, and it was a risk I knew I had to take in order to make room for something different, something that would shake every basement of my Being forever.

I was the first “nester”. I went from being the explorer swallow traveler, to becoming the person who nests, shelters, takes care of the nest and guides the flights. I inhabited this nest day and night along with the first travelers that visited.

From these very first moments, I knew this was going to be my home for many years. I rejoiced from daily tiredness in an inner happiness.

After the “hard but magical” first year, another “pilgrim of the world” joined the nesters team. My life-partner, Juan, who has contributed his energy, solidarity and daily effort, becoming the undeniable Host at the Hostel, and necessary engine to assure continuity to the project.

In the middle of the second year, our little swallow was born. We feel the hostel is so much more than a business venture, it’s our life-style. We feel the need to continue living in this communal house, one that has brought so much satisfaction and learning. Thus Vera became the third member of the permanent team.

We are joined in this task by a nice group of people that give their very best every day. Just like our friends and families, who give us their full support and collaboration so that this little family venture continues to grow.

Te invitamos a vivir la experiencia: Flor Rod & CIA.